what a lovely dinner
Archie-grand-commercial-civil-servant-will-make -your-life-a-lot-more-creative
that dinner went down the drain


They seek the angels here, they seek the angels there
Those riff-raffs seek them everywhere
are they in heaven or are they in hell?
Those demned elusive angels
They meddles with the court of mediocracy
Popping in and out each week
Spoiling every lovely gossip party
La, what cheek!
They seek them here, they seek them there
Those unexceptional seek them everywhere
If you should see them, please do give a yell!
Those demned elusive angels
They seek them here, they seek them there
Those Soicalites seek them everywhere
Oh, angel, how the plain-vanillas do implore you
Simply to stay home in bed
With all your interference
It's a chore to chop a head!
They seek them here, they seek them there
The gentlemens seek them everywhere!
They give the amateurs nothing but frustration
Sink us! we are all virtuosos
Each and every demned mish mash dinner conversation
We cut short!
They seek them here, they seek them there
Those riff-raffs seek them everywhere
are they in heaven or are they in hell?
Those demned elusive angels
archies angels, blone, brunette. red hair lovely women
three angels robbing a bank
Lady Grand

Call sign: Peacock

Weapon of choice:
Medusas Hair

Seduction Tactics: Close Combat

Characteristics: Fast and Furious, With Lightning speed Lady G sweeps down on any enemy with a roar. Some thinks she's just social – but they do not spot the saber toothed tiger hiding behind the haute couture clothes.
She is also known for her street smartness and exceptional cocktail abilities. A world class skier and boxer, also helps to get the job done.

Superpower: Wardrobe vortex, Lady G can transform here self into a lethal tornado of second hand clothes, vintage dresses, expensive accessories. That can cause unprecedented damage to any enemy target. The backside is substantial collateral damages. Well, it looks good!
lady grand the wife of archie grand
lady grand at the roluette table smart lloks and great wiings
flying dancers on the scene
Dame A of archie angels with a gun in here hand
roler coast ride women enjoying theselves
The Niece Louise

Call sign: The Rascal.

Weapon of choice: Amour’s Arrows

Seduction tactics: Trick or treat.

Characteristics: The Niece is an agent of chaos, and paranormal ability. The Niece is a psychological Pandora’s box. By charm, looks and exceptional academic abilities, she will gather top secret intelligence and fool the most stubborn rocket scientists into doing here biddings.

Superpower: Apple of discord. The niece unveils here true self as she was created, proclaiming that the bravest can have here! An action that sparks a vanity-fueled stamped among men and women, causing pandemonic chaos and disruption. Allows the Angels to escape any disastrous mish mash cocktail party trap or useless date.
Dame A.

Call sign: Bomb voyage

Weapon of choice:
Odysseus VS Polyphemus

Seduction tactics: Shoot first ask later.

Characteristics: Dame A is the Nobel Laureate among the angels. Dame A is also now as Deep Blue nicknamed after the famous IBM supercomputer. Chess, tits and ass, lipsticks and teraflop processing power in a nutshell. She has other abilities as well but they are seldom used and of lesser importance.

Superpower: The Midas touch. Dame A can by sheer mind power turn any object or person into fool’s gold, or Sparkling water into Cava, Fish fingers into Dover sole. Dame A constantly uses here power to transform: Dull dinners and gossipy lunches into sparkling festivities of eclectic style and knowledge.
Archiegrand 2012