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Archie Grand holds a creative work shop for a small group of female executives, on the subject of creativity and sustainability.
Archie Grand a commercial civil servant.
I believe that you can do a lot of good through the market.
Through your commercial products, You can educate, amuse and inspire.

At Archie Grand we also collect. We know how fragile the digital world is. So we do a proper physical paper representation of webpages and keep it in our archive, for future historians to browse.

The olympic art and literature Compton is held by Archie Grand
A women throw an airplane,, inspiring image of human and technology.
Welcome to the Aesthetic Olympics. It is time to use the power of the internet to crown the aesthetical heights of 2012. In the Aesthetic Olympics it is your vote and your contribution that will count. It Is all up to your judgments of sentiment and taste to as!cend: Designers, artists! and poets into the a!esthetic pantheon of the 2012 Olympics.
The five events that are up for the wreaths of laurel leaves, are:

Fashion: Dress and suit.
Architecture (residential house.
Poetry, SMS length (160 characters)
At Archie Grand we believe that there is a lot of knowledge that most people miss.This lost knowledge is the information that is not stored on the web. Millions of old books, pamphlets guides, instructions or diaries are not scanned and digitalized.

With EDUCATION HOUR we will ask people to spend one hour to gain knowledge from a source that is not the internet. And then record something of what they learnt and share that with the rest of us.

This year we plan to have EDUCATION HOUR on the 17th of October.
What can you do to improve this world?
Some of the saved images and websites from the web, that is a part of the project "the web in a million pages"
The web is a fragile place, digital information is easy to loose. Our society could loose its history in a great solar flare. Paper or pergament or clay tablets, stand the test of time. Our project is to collect your web page, print it on paper and put it into a safe archive for future historians to use.

What we need from you, is a screen shoot of your page and if you like you can supply information why and who have made the page. email it to US at archie at archiegrand dot com
Archiegrand 2012
"Archie Grand the notorious Scandinavian producer of notebooks and other products in abundance. At Archie Grand we blend quality and witty design. To make products for Hipsters, artists, royals, fashionistas and 55 other breeds of charlatans, scoundrels and luminaries.

The commercial web is a thing out of the 90s, most information on it is contemporary, We know there is a lot of stories, information, guidance that never ,made it into the digital web.

We are looking for books, pamphlets, instructions or diaries that deserved to be digitalized and to be made available for a wider audience. We at Archie Grand will help in digitalizing the material. email it to us at archiegrand dot com
And e will make it available for our EDUCATION HOUR.
We need your help to find and promote competitors in our art Olympics. The completion will be held in the following genres: Paintings Poetry. Fashion (dress & suit.

is the 27th of June. At our upcoming Art Olympics Facebook page. if you like to nominate anyone before that time please send an image and name to: archie at archiegrand dot com
Send us the image of your web page and we will print it on acid free archive paper and put it into one of our notebooks, as a great physical webarchive. 
Sweep by Banksey should he be on the artistic olympics?
Ashley book of knots is the Magnus opus of the rope and sailing world