what a lovely dinner
Archie-grand-commercial-civil-servant-will-make -your-life-a-lot-more-creative
that dinner went down the drain


This table have all necessary tools for a creative session, scissors, pens, color, paint, glue, brushes, magazines perfect for scrapbooking.
A great idea for scrapbooking.

Start by Choosing an inspiring title from our great collection of friends and foes. Maybe "FASHIONISTAS I MET AND LIKED" to het you started and inspired.

Begin with

Grab some old magazines, books, or photographs. Get the tools in order, pen, scissor, glue and maybe a scalpel or spray can.
Cut and paste, type, draw, glue, splash! Make sure to enjoy the transformation of the white paper into a door of communication.
Prince Elliot shows how to use cut and paste technique to create a great scrapbook.
Kids color pens are great to create funny scrapbooks.
Harpers Bazar, Vouge and Tattler are great magazines to cut out images from to create great scrapbooks, here on a design table.
More brushes and scalpels and paint to help you create the great scrapbook.
Archiegrand 2012
Scrapbooks with coco Chanel, dinosaur JR Yves saint Laurent and grace jones, in a collection of four really fashionable scrapbooks.
A scrapbook for artists, with Damien Hirst, Rothko and Bacon, all cut in pices by a chain saw.
A creative coffe table with large sketchbooks and a fashion book by Marni.
A Leica m6 used to photograph scrapbooks.

Start with writing what to bought in the local fashion store and cut out Coco from a book and glue here on a page. Or do an elaborate drawings of a neural networks. Or let the kids do some scribble art.
I will do a fan book of a long lost scoundrels and charlatans who has been completely forgotten by this modern world.

When finished take a photograph of your book and email it to us at info at archiegrand dot comand we will display your masterpieces on this page.